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Mag-lite “Lighthouse” 
Profile photo of Wallace Seggie by Wallace Seggie
A print ad for Mag-lite playing into the idea of a reverse beam.
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Kulula “Sho’t Left Campaign”
Profile photo of Wallace Seggie by Wallace Seggie
An old TV campaign shot by Anton Visser and conceptualised by myself and my then writer, Jacques Shalom for a partnership between local airline and Shot' Left. Our objective here was to get South Africans to travel within their own beautiful country. I remember presenting this to client with Jacques during my time at KingJames. I had to present one of the scripts in "Chinese" Probably one of my most embarrassing presentations ever. The campaign was put on ice for a few months. By the time it was produced Jacques and I had left KingJames and the campaign was produced by another kick-ass team at KingJames.
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